Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Meeting- Izard County Historical & Genealogical Society

The Izard County Historical & Genealogical Society invites you to:


Sunday, April 25th, 2:00 p.m.
Calico Rock Museum in the Chamber of Commerce Office
Main Street, Calico Rock
(Highway 56 at the White River Bridge)

Sponsored by:
Calico Rock Museum
Izard County Historical and Genealogical Society
Exploring Izard County

Bring your treasured old photographs, letters, documents, heirlooms and artifacts to the Museum History Swap. People will give a brief history of each item they bring. The museum curator will make a short presentation about the recently opened museum and its connection to the 1854 Trimble House and to Peppersauce Ghost Town.

That day, the museum will have a scanner set up to make copies of old photographs and other documents. They will also take photos of heirloom items and artifacts. Those wishing to donate or lend any items to the museum will be given details of how to do this. Following the program, the Historical Society will hold a business meeting.

Directions: From the north, drive south on Highway 56 into Calico Rock. At the stop sign by the Calico Rock Music Hall, turn left onto Highway 5. Travel about two blocks. The Museum is in the Chamber of Commerce office on the “high side” of Main Street.

For information
Contact Historical Society Roger Harvell 870-368-3618 or mailto:rogerh48@earthlink.net

Denny Elrod through http://exploreizard.blogspot.com/

or visit calicorockmuseum.com

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